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3 ways to determine if a friend blocks you on Facebook

Facebook friends leaving by blocking you? There were times you feel this way when a friend’s post doesn’t show up on your timeline. Perhaps, your friend’s name no longer shows up when you searched it on Facebook.

When this happens, you have reasons to doubt that a friend has finally blocked you on Facebook.

Here are three ways to validate your doubt.

The Name Is No Longer In The Friends List. One of the telltale signs is the friend’s name is no longer in your Friends List. If this happens, it could mean two things – that friend has delisted you from his or her Friends List or blocked you. To verify, go to your profile and check your friend on the list.

You Can No Longer Tag That Friend. You can tag a Facebook friend on a post. If not, that friend has un-friended you or blocked you for good. Try to create a post. Tag that friend’s name. If it can’t be tagged, your friend has left you on Facebook.

Inviting That Friend To An Event In Facebook Is No Longer Possible. Create “Events” on Facebook. On your mobile phone, tap the three horizontal lines, select “Events” and “Create” to do this. Unable to invite that friend indicates that he or she has unfriended or blocked you.

To know that a friend has blocked you on Facebook, here are three ways.

  1. Unable To Search That Person. A friend on Facebook can be searched in the search box. If a Facebook friend’s name does not appear, that friend has blocked you.
  2. No More Messenger. Search the name on the Messenger and send a message. If unable to send a message, it’s an indicator a friend is blocking you.
  3. Profile Page Is Unaccessible. Try to navigate to your friend’s page or profile by clicking the name in the Messenger’s window. A friend has blocked you if the Messenger says the user is unavailable.

Either way, it does mean that you’re no longer friends outside Facebook though. Remember, there are Facebook friends who are not friends in the real world. (Roger Bridge for Mindanao Sun)

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