City government signs agreement to ensure protection of Once Islas, wildlife

Zamboanga City government has signed a co-management agreement with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) to ensure the protection of Once Islas’ environment and environment.

The agreement calls for responsible tourism and community involvement as more tourist flock to Once Islas.

The agreement was signed on August 26 in the presence of the community and tribal leaders.

Crisanta Marlene Rodriguez, DENR 9 regional director, said protecting the islands and preserve its pristine condition is important. The place is known for its pristine waters, corals, and white sands.

The captivating natural beauty of Once Islas, Zamboanga City’s newest tourist destinations. (Facebook/ Mindanao Sun)

“The potential of it to become a successful eco-tourism destination is very high,” Rodriguez said.

Some of the tourist amenities in the islands include boat tours and snorkeling.

Mayor Beng Climaco, on her part, said the place is safe for both domestic and foreign tourists.

The security measures are heightened in the area, the mayor said. (John Mahusay-Mindanao Sun/ Featured Image: Facebook/ Mindanao Sun)

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