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Family bewails death of 5-year-old girl due to hospital personnel ‘negligence, malpractice’

R.T. Lim, Zamboanga Sibugay – The family members have bewailed the death of a five-year-old girl due to what they alleged as “negligence and malpractice” of a public hospital personnel barely 12 hours after admission Friday, March 5.

The incident had caught the attention of the netizens after being posted on Facebook on April 6 by a certain Ling Dar Turno. It had been shared for almost 900 times and more than 700 reactions in just two days.

In an interview at his residence in Barangay Magsaysay, grandfather Melchor Pormento recalled how full of life was Khendra Pormento.

Teary-eyed, the grandfather said five-year-old Khendra was “full of life and has all the potentials to be a great child” but everything came to naught as her life ended in what he alleged due to “negligence and malpractice” of some personnel of the Zamboanga Sibugay Provincial Hospital, some 24 kilometers east from this town.

Khendra was rushed to the hospital on the dawn of April 5 after “suffering from fever for five days.”

Hours had passed, the grandfather alleged, the five-year-old patient did not receive any medication to help alleviate her condition except for some laboratory examinations.

Mesy Gyle Pormento, Khendra’s auntie who was with her at the hospital, said the child was already restless before noon due to fever.

The auntie said she went to the nurses’ station to ask for help but was met with cold shoulders from staff who told her “naa ra man na inyo pasyente naka-dextrose na man.” Meaning, it was alright because the patient was put already on dextrose support.

She did not identify the names of the personnel on duty at the time.

By early afternoon, she said, the condition of the patient had apparently gone from bad to worse.

“I had to beg the staff on duty at the station to please help Khendra but they appeared to have not heard my plea,” she alleged.

During this time, grandmother Rosamie Pormento was all over the laboratory to follow on the results of the tests performed on the patient.

The staff at the station, the grandmother said, kept telling her that the laboratory personnel had not yet released the results. But the laboratory personnel told her the results were already forwarded to the station around noon.

When she pressed the personnel at the station, the grandmother was told they have to wait for a doctor because there was no doctor to read the results.

At this time, the child was already complaining of severe stomach pain saying she could no longer take it. The child had grown pale and restless.

It was very painful for the family to hear the child telling them, “mommy sakit kaayo akong tiyan, di na ko (mommy, my stomach is so painful,I can no longer take it).”

“There was no action from them (hospital personnel) as the child was in serious trouble,” the grandfather said, adding: “I even lost my cool in the hospital because of the situation.”

The personnel at the station, the auntie alleged, were chatting casually as if no emergency situation was happening.

A relief came to them later in the afternoon. A new doctor on duty, they surmised, but it was too late.

The doctor, whose name they could not identify, had put the patient on life support to help her breath.

“An anti-biotic I think was injected to the child but it appeared did not help her condition to improve,” the grandfather said.

As Khendra’s condition continued to deteriorate, the hospital personnel had attempted to resuscitate her but failed.

“It was during this time we were told the child was diagnosed with dengue and was referred to Zamboanga City,” the grandfather said.

When asked if the referral was written in the laboratory results, the hospital staff told them “it was only verbal.”

“If we were told at around noon when the results were already available that the patient was referred to Zamboanga City for further treatment we could have acted promptly and possibly save the life of our child,” the grandfather lamented.

It was clear to the family, the hospital personnel had been amiss with their duty as expected from them.


“They appear to us as negligent of their job,” he said.

The family, he said, is going to file a formal complaint against the hospital personnel concerned.

Hospital probe

Mindanao Sun had informed one of the doctors, Arthur Luspo, through the online messenger about what had happened. Luspo said, “We will give an official statement after the investigation.”

The same statement was received by the family from Hospital Administrator Dr. Sherwin Balastero who told them to wait for the results of the investigation.

Meantime, the family is preparing the necessary steps to move the case forward to seek justice for the death of Khendra. (Antonio M. Manaytay-Mindanao Sun)


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