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Government workers told: no cellular phones when attending clients

By John Mahusay

Cellular phones are not banned in the workplace. But Interior Secretary Eduardo Año has ordered all government workers to “refrain from using cellular phones when attending to clients.”

In a memorandum, Año said the order is in line with the “pursuit of genuine public service.”

The DILG chief asked all local chief executives and other concerned agencies to ensure that all frontline workers will follow the order.

“Local chief executives must ensure that this directive is observed by all LGU (local government unit) frontline workers,” the memorandum said.

The order sounds good but the use of cellular phones during office hours remains a challenge even among in the private sector.

Unrestricted cellular phone use in the workplace has taken a toll on productivity. Here are three ways to do when employees spend so much time with their cell phones.

  1. Accept the reality that cell phones are here to stay. They are almost indispensable to everyone whether at homes, schools, market places, and workplaces. The DILG order does not ban cell phone use in the workplace. It seeks to regulate its usage, however.
  2. Limit the use of cellular phones. It is a distraction to allow cell phones during meetings. To allow its use when attending to clients will greatly affect the quality of services.
  3. Impose cell phone etiquette. A cell phone does not only distract its owner from work. It could also be a source of annoyance to a co-worker sitting nearby. Setting or defining some cell phone etiquette is great. One of these etiquettes may include setting the cell phones to silent or vibrating mode.

There are many ways to regulate the usage of cellular phones in the workplace. Banning its use, however, may be seen as punitive. (John Mahusay-Mindanao Sun/ Featured Image: Pixabay)

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