Kabasalan town to implement zonification of municipal water

Kabasalan town in Zamboanga Sibugay will implement a zonification of its municipal water to “conserve aquatic and marine resources.”

Miladel  Capitania, Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) chief, said her office will start the information dissemination to affected barangays once the mayor signs the letters for all barangay chairpersons. Kabasalan town has 11 coastal barangays.

The local government had passed a fishery ordinance in 2018 designating the areas open for fishing. It started at the time of the late Mayor George Cainglet. The late mayor is the uncle of the incumbent mayor, Katrina Cainglet.

Capitania said the ordinance had prohibited the setting up of bunsod in the following areas: navigational lane, river delta, mariculture area, and marine protected areas. Bunsod is the dialect of the fish corral, a stationary weir trap or device used to capture fish.

The agriculture office, she said, is still in the process of inventory.

“We are comparing the number of the bunsod with permits and its actual numbers in the area,” said Capitania, in a message sent to Mindanao Sun.

There are fish corrals still being set up in prohibited areas. She did not disclose, however, the number of bunsod in prohibited areas.

The fishery ordinance designates areas open for fishing.

The zonification intends to rationalize the use of the marine and aqua resources for conservation, explained Capitania.

“We will implement the ordinance with due respect and care for the fisherfolks and their families,” she assured.

It is not easy, she admitted, but the local government will implement the ordinance. (Mindanao Sun/ Featured Photo: Facebook/Mindanao Sun)

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