Like a mustard seed

There was a story I read somewhere about a small town in which there were no nightclubs. The time came that a nightclub was built.

Some members of a church in the area were so disturbed that they spent many evenings with all-night prayer meetings, and asked the Lord to burn down the nightclub.

It so happened, according to the story, a lightning struck the nightclub and it was razed down to the ground.

The owner, having heard how the Christians had prayed, sued the church for the damages claiming, through his lawyer, that their prayer had caused the lightning that burned the nightclub.

The church people had also hired a lawyer denying the charges against them.

After several trials, the judge had decided: “It’s the opinion of this court that the owner of the nightclub is the one who really believes in prayer while the church members do not!”

In the Gospel, Luke 17:5-10, Jesus talks about a mustard seed: “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ’Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.

The mustard seed was not really the smallest seed but it was almost the smallest of all seeds. But the seed had become a byword among Jews because of its small size.

Another reason, perhaps why it has become a byword, is its capacity to grow into a large shrub reaching a height of 10 feet.

When Jesus refers to it as he talks about the faith he could have meant that a little faith can go a long way. Or was he? I think he was.

Take note that in our reading, His disciples asked Him how to grow their faith. He answered their question by referring to the mustard seed.

He did not answer them directly how but he told them that any faith – yes, any faith is enough to release the power of God.

He was saying that it is the quality of their faith that counts just like the mustard seed.

In the same way, our faith, regardless of quantity, is all what God needs from us.

Do you have the faith like a mustard seed?

*Rev. Antonio M. Manaytay, a bi-vocational pastor, is an ordained minister of the Gospel. He is doing church in Ipil, Philippines.

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