Philippines, 7 other Asian countries responsible for 63.6 percent ocean trash

The Philippines along with seven other Asian countries have been identified as responsible for at least 63.6 percent of ocean trash.

Bloomberg, in its tweet, identified these countries: China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Egypt, and Malaysia.

The plastic trashes from these countries, according to Bloomberg, come from “Asia’s newly-minted consumer classes.”

Majority of these countries, the report said, “lack access to garbage collection, modern landfills, and incinerators.”

In its report last March, the Global Alliance for Incinerators Alternative (Gaia) said the Philippines is facing an environmental nightmare.

Filipinos, Gaia revealed, are producing 163 million of used plastic sachets, 48 million shopping bags, 45 million thin-film bags, and three million used diapers daily.

“The problem is the huge amount of single-use plastics being produced—not just the way waste is managed,” said Froilan Grate, executive director of Gaia Asia-Pacific. (Mindanao Sun/ Photo: Getty Images)

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