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Villager claims seeing snake man in Ipil town

IPIL, Philippines – A villager claimed he saw a snake with a man’s head while he was on his way home past 9 p.m. Monday, June 10.

Jaime, surname withheld upon request, was driving his tricycle when a passenger bus had overtaken him upon reaching the highway boundary of Caparan and Makilas villages, this town when he noticed something.

The bus, he said, seemed to have had run over something. To his surprise, when his tricycle got closer illuminated by the headlight was a “big snake with a man’s head.” In the fables, this creature was named snake man.

Its size was closer to a coconut tree’s trunk, which was enough for the bus to skid as if hitting a bump.

He turned to a companion in the tricycle who also saw the spectacle.

“We were frozen with fear with what we saw,” he said in local dialect.

The snake man, he said, continued to glide towards the other end of the road and disappear in a creek nearby while they were not able to move due to shock.

When the snake man disappeared, they disembarked from the tricycle and told the residents in the area.

They combed the grassy area hoping to spot the creature but failed.

When asked if it was just a product of his imagination, Jaime said: “I am so sure with what I saw.”

Incredible it may sound but sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. (Antonio Manaytay/ Mindanao Sun/ Photo: FawnFoto)

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